Johannes Kron

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The bivariate Gaussian multiterminal source coding problem with transmission over the Gaussian multiple-access channel is studied. We propose the use of low-delay joint source– channel mappings and show how performance saturation, which is unavoidable with linear transmission, can be overcome by optimizing the mappings. The optimized mappings are in general(More)
We investigate the problem of broadcasting analog sources to several users using short codes, employing several antennas at both the transmitter and the receiver, and channel-optimized quantization. Our main objective is to minimize the sum mean-square error distortion. A joint multi-user encoder, as well as a structured encoder with separate encoders for(More)
This thesis studies cooperative sensing and transmission in the context of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). We especially focus on two means of cooperative sensing and transmission, namely, distributed source coding and relaying. We consider systems where the usefulness of the measured data is dependent on how old the data is and we therefore need low-delay(More)
We study the Gaussian multiple-input, multipleoutput broadcast channel, where a base station with NT antennas transmits K independent messages to K users, each having a single receive antenna. The messages consist of independent, identically distributed Gaussian random variables and we study linear transmission with an end-to-end distortion criterion. By(More)
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