Johannes Krauth

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This study investigates the Geriatric Basis Assessment (GBA) in terms of its reliability. Data from 1037 patients were collected. The reliability was estimated relating to the lambda 2 coefficient. It is necessary to define the items in different categories: the first variable means valuation 1 of each item and not 2, 3, 4; the second variable means(More)
In the pharmacotherapy of chronic generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) rationally grounded guidelines on the treatment to choose in individual cases are not evident in the literature. The present study was designed to address this question in 30 patients with chronic GAD. Within a period of 31 weeks amitriptyline 30 mg/day, flupentixole 1.5 mg/day,(More)
Möller et al. (1989) investigated the effects of sleep deprivation on depressive patients using a single-case analysis based on Kleiter's 1986 approach. Here it is discussed why it is so difficult to perform single-case analyses and why Kleiter's approach in particular may lead to wrong interpretations of the data. It is indicated that any kind of(More)