Johannes Kornacher

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Natural killer cell (NK) activity of peripheral blood lymphocytes in 15 patients with moderate to exanthematic lichen ruber planus (LP) was studied. Markedly diminished NK response in patients with LP was revealed as compared with that of healthy controls. Decreased NK activity found in LP was supposed to be a secondary phenomenon.
The isoenzymatic pattern of aldolase was determined by immunoprecipitation with specific anti-aldolase A, B and C sera in 21 pathological liver tissues and in the sera of normals (n equals 20), liver cirrhotics (n equals 52) and hepatoma patients (n equals 22). The increase of aldolase A in primary liver cell carcinoma is not reflected in the sera of these(More)
Patienten mit Depression werden in Deutschland vergleichsweise lang stationär behandelt. Ein neues Behandlungsmodell mit symptomorientiertem Entlassmanagement, nachstationärer Behandlung und standardisierter Übergabe an den ambulanten Therapeuten könnte geeignet sein, die Verweildauer gezielt bei den Patienten zu verkürzen, die bereits ausreichend von einer(More)
OBJECTIVE In a first part we describe the situation of suicide survivors after the suicide of a family member in USA and Germany by reviewing the literature. In a second part we try to elucidate typical patterns of reactions and coping of relatives. METHODS On the basis of either own experience or from supervision cases, we try to elaborate reaction types(More)
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