Johannes Kopf

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Image analysis and enhancement tasks such as tone mapping, colorization, stereo depth, and photomontage, often require computing a solution (e.g., for exposure, chromaticity, disparity, labels) over the pixel grid. Computational and memory costs often require that a smaller solution be run over a downsampled image. Although general purpose upsampling(More)
We present a novel method for synthesizing solid textures from 2D texture exemplars. First, we extend 2D texture optimization techniques to synthesize 3D texture solids. Next, the non-parametric texture optimization approach is integrated with histogram matching, which forces the global statistics of the synthesized solid to match those of the exemplar.(More)
We present a new unsupervised algorithm to discover and segment out common objects from large and diverse image collections. In contrast to previous co-segmentation methods, our algorithm performs well even in the presence of significant amounts of noise images (images not containing a common object), as typical for datasets collected from Internet search.(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel system for browsing, enhancing, and manipulating casual outdoor photographs by combining them with already existing georeferenced digital terrain and urban models. A simple interactive registration process is used to align a photograph with such a model. Once the photograph and the model have been registered, an abundance(More)
Well distributed point sets play an important role in a variety of computer graphics contexts, such as anti-aliasing, global illumination, halftoning, non-photorealistic rendering, point-based modeling and rendering, and geometry processing. In this paper, we introduce a novel technique for rapidly generating large point sets possessing a blue noise Fourier(More)
In this paper we introduce positive mean value coordinates (PMVC) for mesh deformation. Following the observations of Joshi et al. [JMD∗07] we show the advantage of having positive coordinates. The control points of the deformation are the vertices of a "cage" enclosing the deformed mesh. To define positive mean value coordinates for a given vertex, the(More)
We present a system to capture and view "Gigapixel images": very high resolution, high dynamic range, and wide angle imagery consisting of several billion pixels each. A specialized camera mount, in combination with an automated pipeline for alignment, exposure compensation, and stitching, provide the means to acquire Gigapixel images with a standard camera(More)
We propose a method for automatically guiding patch-based image completion using mid-level structural cues. Our method first estimates planar projection parameters, softly segments the known region into planes, and discovers translational regularity <i>within</i> these planes. This information is then converted into soft constraints for the low-level(More)
We introduce a method for automated conversion of scanned color comic books and graphical novels into a new high-fidelity rescalable digital representation. Since crisp black line artwork and lettering are the most important structural and stylistic elements in this important genre of color illustrations, our digitization process is geared towards faithful(More)