Johannes Kolb

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This paper presents a transformed arm power analysis of the Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter (M3C). It enables the energy balancing in the whole frequency range for high power variable-speed drive applications. Four balancing directions are identified for the active power exchange between the converter arms with minimal internal currents. At critical(More)
A holistic approach to determine the optimum number of phases m of an m-phase motor in combination with an m-leg inverter for electric vehicle applications is presented. The optimum offers a significant improvement of the torque and power by approximately 9.6% over the whole operating range in comparison to a 3-phase motor and therefore enhances the power(More)
Silver sintering is a potential die attach technology to replace the solder technology for power electronic systems. A design of experiments (DoE) is performed in order to investigate the influences of sinter parameters as sinter pressure, temperature, duration, drying temperature and the interactions of these parameters on the shear strength of the(More)
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