Johannes Kiess

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Figure 1. Our new algorithm compared to scaling and regular seam carving with forward energy. In this example, the width is reduced to 60% of the original size. ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose a new method to adapt the resolution of images to the limited display resolution of mobile devices. We use the seam carving technique to identify and remove less(More)
The presentation of multimedia data and especially of high resolution videos on small mobile devices is still a great challenge today. Both cropping of borders and scaling of frames may result in the removal of essential content of videos or lost details due to the reduced size of the visual content. Another major problem emerges if the aspect ratio of the(More)
The visualization of high resolution video on small mobile devices is still a great challenge today. Most critical are the limited display resolution and different aspect ratios of handheld mobile devices. So far, there is no retargeting algorithm available that guarantees good results for all videos. We introduce a new video retargeting approach that(More)
The resizing of videos is currently in high demand due to the popularity of mobile devices with very small screen sizes. As the screen resolution of these devices increases, the resizing is mostly needed to change the aspect ratio of the videos to fit the display size. In this paper we present a novel and fast approach for the retargeting of videos which(More)
In this paper, a novel warping-based retargeting approach for stereoscopic video is proposed. It considers the three conflicting goals: preserving salient image content, avoiding flickering and maintaining consistency between the two views. The first step of the approach focuses on content-aware image resizing and considers image saliency, motion saliency,(More)
In this paper, we present a fast parallel algorithm for the retargeting of videos. It combines seam carving and cropping and is aimed for real-time adaptation of video streams. The basic idea is to first find an optimal cropping path over the whole sequence with the target size. Then, the borders are slightly extended to be reduced again by seam carving on(More)
In this paper, we present a novel technique for seam carving of ste-reoscopic video. It removes seams of pixels in areas that are most likely not noticed by the viewer. When applying seam carving to stereoscopic video rather than monoscopic still images, new challenges arise. The detected seams must be consistent between the left and the right view, so that(More)
—The identification of relevant objects in an image is highly relevant in the context of image retargeting. Especially faces draw the attention of viewers. But the level of relevance may change between different faces depending on the size, the location, or whether a face is in focus or not. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm which distinguishes(More)
We present a novel system that allows small handheld devices to detect other devices in the local proximity and to exchange messages with them. The client devices use WLAN to access the system via a web interface and do not require additional software or modification of the device's operating system. The physical closeness of client devices is estimated(More)
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