Johannes Keukelaar

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Gesture interaction is a versatile, intuitive way of interacting with computers, especially suited for virtual environments and applications where many degrees of freedom are important. Human gestures have many meanings and uses, and are often di erent from person to person, while gesture input devices often introduce artifacts; this makes recognizing and(More)
This paper explores the possible advantages of using rough set based classification in GIS, to represent uncertainty both in terms of spatial location and of attribute value determination. Rough classification is based on rough set theory, where an uncertain set is specified by giving an upper and a lower approximation. We present some measures that can be(More)
This thesis discusses visual programming languages, representation of uncertainty in geographical data and a combination of genetic programming and optimization. A new visual programming language is described, based on a novel version of the dataflow paradigm. In this version, cyclic graphs are replaced with nested graphs, which also have other uses.(More)
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