Johannes K. Chiang

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" Ubiquitous " represents a concept which means ―God exists everywhere. At the era of information technology, by using all kinds of information products and networks, the word represents that the ubiquitous information ideal world can be realized. However, introducing new technology could also cause other issues because of the impractical lead-in plan.(More)
The goal of Long-term preservation (LTP) is to make the sustainability of archives lasting for a foreseeable enough time. The efforts are primarily hampered by challenges such as missing of standards, formal methodology and workflow model during archiving. This research is aiming to explore the LTP of various kinds of documents independently from the(More)
Data Mining is one of the most significant tools for discovering association patterns that are useful for many knowledge domains. Yet, there are some drawbacks in existing mining techniques. Three main weaknesses of current data-mining techniques are: 1) re-scanning of the entire database must be done whenever new attributes are added. 2) An association(More)
The objective of this research primary describes the trend analysis of international periodicals and literatures which titles as well-known " Social Capital " at SSCI database from 1956 to 2008. The result of this paper inferred that the literature production on social capital has reached highly growth in the last 10 years. The distribution of author(More)
Grid Computing, as an emerging technology, facilitates computer resource sharing, distribution over the Internet. Large-scale collaboration and engineering development for GRID Computing has been engaged world wide. The vigorous momentum of the technology has captured great business attention. The resources management in such large-scale distributed(More)