Johannes Janicka

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This paper reports work on a nonpremixed half-dump combustor, in which methane is injected at the backward-facing step, and mixes and burns with the air flowing past the step in the unsteady recirculation zone. The flow and geometric parameters are widely varied, to gradually change from conditions of low-amplitude noise to excitation of high-amplitude(More)
In the present paper, thermal transport and entropy production mechanisms in a turbulent round jet of compressed nitrogen at supercritical thermodynamic conditions are investigated using a direct numerical simulation. First, thermal transport and its contribution to the mixture formation along with the anisotropy of heat fluxes and temperature scales are(More)
The swirl flow plays a central role in combustion systems. It is important to capture all phenomena associated with it. In particular, lean partially premixed combustion in gas turbine combustion chamber is often associated with hydrodynamic instabilities, known as processing vortex core (PVC). Therefore an unconfined swirl flow with a precessing vortex(More)
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