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The Serbian Paradox: The Cost of Integration into the European Union
This project addresses the Republic of Serbia’s current accession negotiations with the European Union, and asks how the country’s long and often turbulent history affects that dialogue. Using FilipExpand
Motor vehicle release method and system
The disclosed method utilizes a coding sequence generated by operating at least one pre-existing vehicle component to provide access to the vehicle. Expand
Unicycle self-propelled, which can be engaged with a vehicle
A unicycle with own drive is for use with the vehicle brought selectively to the vehicle is engaged and disengaged for independent use selectively with the vehicle. The unicycle Self-PropelledExpand
Configurable electronic override for a brake-shift interlock
Overdriving the brake lock switch is made possible when the brake pedal is activated during the time window, whereby the selection of a different switching element position is permitted when the park position. Expand
Bicycle frame with inflatable segments
A bicycle has a frame, a front steering assembly which is rotatably coupled to the frame, an inflatable segment, and a valve which is connected to the inf inflated segment, to inflate the inflatable segments selectively and deflate. Expand
Detection of unauthorized passengers or objects in an autonomous vehicle
A vehicle system includes a sensor, which is programmed to output an occupant or object detection signal indicating a presence of an unauthorized passenger or non-authorized object in a host vehicle.Expand