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Industrialization has led to efficiency and effectiveness gains in manufacturing industries. Industrialization approaches such as standardization or sourcing are also key concepts in modern service companies. Therefore, current IS research studies how to transfer industrialization approaches to IT service production in order to increase efficiency and(More)
With the increasing adoption of business models and technologies related to cloud computing, the business of software as a service is a growing market. Distributed computing environments with multiple hosts often require complex configuration. In order to increase operational efficiency, configuration management tools use the concept of modules, which(More)
Configuration management tools help administrators in defining and automating system configurations. With cloud computing, host numbers are likely to grow. IaaS (infrastructure as a service) offerings with pay-per-use pricing models make fast and effective deployment of applications necessary. Configuration management tools address both challenges. In this(More)
Information Technology (IT) usage in enterprises has evolved over the last years. This led to today’s complex, heterogeneous, and dynamic IT system landscapes that support business processes in enterprises. To manage these landscapes, the IT Service Management (ITSM) concept is gaining more importance in today’s business and research. Studies demonstrate(More)
Competition among software as a service (SaaS) providers becomes more pressing as new players enter the market. In order to stand competition providers require more efficient production processes. Therefore, automation is key and standardized domain conceptualizations serve as a basis for automation. Existing conceptualizations of IT service production(More)
Flexible IT landscapes and efficient management of resources are key issues for enterprises. Variability is an important aspect for flexible IT landscape. The main part of the paper discusses variability characteristics in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We show what kind of variability is possible at IaaS. In addition, a case study is provided that(More)
In order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness gains, concepts such as standardization and automation originating in the manufacturing industry are adopted by IT service providers. ERP systems are tools to implement such concepts in manufacturing companies. This research examines if and how ERP systems are used by IT service providers. To answer this(More)
ERP systems were fundamental in achieving efficiency gains in traditional manufacturing companies. In order to make the benefits of ERP utilizable by IT service providers, their processes need to be operationalized in ERP. IT service management (ITSM) frameworks describe these processes. They are however described using natural language. To be able to(More)