Johannes Haarhoff

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Properties of an endo-beta-xylanase produced by a locally isolated Thermomyces lanuginosus strain SSBP was compared to seven other T. lanuginosus strains isolated from different geographical regions. Strain SSBP produced the highest xylanase activity of 59600 nkat ml(-1) when cultivated on corn cobs (maize) medium, whereas the seven other strains produced(More)
The use of relatively simple, but conceptually sound mathematical models, is a powerful tool to identify and understand parameters that are critical to a process. In this paper, a model is presented which addresses the rise rate of floc-bubble aggregates in the DAF separation zone. The model uses Stoke's Law as a point of departure, which is then(More)
The paper addresses the effects of salinity and temperature on the chemistry of important parameters affecting coagulation pretreatment including the ion product of water, acid-base chemistry, dissolved metal speciation, and precipitation reactions for aluminum and iron coagulants. The ion product of seawater is greater than for freshwaters and affects(More)
In potable water treatment, the use of the power law to describe particle size distributions (PSDs) in particle counting practice is common. The power law is popular because it allows the reduction of numerous data bits to two meaningful parameters that completely describe the size distribution characteristics of a particle suspension. The model is however(More)
INTRODUCTION The removal of natural organic matter (NOM) from water is becoming increasingly important in order to prevent the formation of carcinogenic disinfection by-products. The inadequate removal of NOM has a bearing on the capacity of the other treatment processes to remove organic micro-pollutants or inorganic species that may be present in the(More)
The Rietvlei Water Treatment Plant was extended with a granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration system after an exhaustive series of tests, which were started in 1994. Upon commissioning towards the middle of 1999, a year of close monitoring followed to measure the GAC performance at full-scale. After verification that the GAC does indeed ensure a high(More)
An evaluation of the performance of full-scale packed saturators was made. Measurements of saturator effluent air concentrations, saturator efficiency and precipitated are reported for both cold water and warm water operating conditions. Packed saturators were analyzed over a full range of operating pressures and loading rates. Measured results compared to(More)
This paper presents an overview of waste activated sludge thickening with dissolved air flotation (DAF). The most pertinent parameters that could influence DAF thickening performance are first identified, followed by a thorough review of the design models of Bratby and Marais (1975) and Bratby and Ambrose (1994) the only rational theories available at this(More)
The accurate measurement of the fluoride concentration in water is an essential prerequisite to stay within the allowable dosing tolerances required by the South African water fluoridation legislation. In the absence of reliable error estimates for fluoride measurement in natural water samples, a study was conducted utilising data from interlaboratory(More)
The problem of dirty filter media at water treatment plants, despite having good backwash systems, is a serious challenge that requires constant monitoring and maintenance. To aid the systematic analysis of filter media and the troubleshooting of problem filters, this paper firstly proposes a standard procedure for quantification of the specific deposit on(More)