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We present a data-driven approach which exploits word alignment in a large parallel corpus with the objective of identifying those verband adjective-preposition combinations which are difficult for L2 language learners. This allows us, on the one hand, to provide language-specific ranked lists in order to help learners to focus on particularly challenging(More)
We present an interactive interface to explore the properties of intralingual and interlingual association measures. In conjunction, they can be employed for phraseme identification in word-aligned parallel corpora. The customizable component we built to visualize individual results is capable of showing part-of-speech tags, syntactic dependency relations(More)
Creating very large corpora no longer appears to be a challenge. With the constantly growing amount of born-digital text – be it available on the web or only on the servers of publishing companies – and with the rising number of printed texts digitized by public institutions or technological giants such as Google, we may safely expect the upper limits of(More)
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