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Economic Geography and the Evolution of Networks
An evolutionary perspective on economic geography requires a dynamic understanding of change in networks. This article explores theories of network evolution for their use in geography and developsExpand
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Toward a relational economic geography
In this paper, we argue that a paradigmatic shift is occurring in economic geography toward a relational economic geography. This rests on three propositions. First, from a structural perspectiveExpand
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Bridging Uncertainty in Management Consulting: The Mechanisms of Trust and Networked Reputation
This article analyzes the market of management consulting and identifies institutional and transactional uncertainty as its principal features. Based on these uncertainties, we argue that competitionExpand
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A Relational Assessment of International Market Entry in Management Consulting
This paper criticizes conventional internationalization theory of the firm and argues for a relational perspective in the analysis of international expansion. Using in-depth empirical research fromExpand
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Institutional change in economic geography
This paper develops a rigorous concept of institutions to investigate the interrelationships between institutional and economic change from the perspective of economic geography. We view institutionsExpand
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Making Embeddedness Work: Social Practice Institutions in Foreign Consulting Markets
This paper develops conceptual and empirical evidence for the importance of social practice institutions in the internationalisation process of management-consulting firms. Personal trust andExpand
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Project Management Knowledge Flows in Networks of Project Managers and Project Management Offices: A Case Study in the Pharmaceutical Industry
This study investigates the knowledge flows among and between project managers and project management office (PMO) members in a pharmaceutical R&D company in China, using a mixed-methods approach.Expand
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Knowledge, Networks and Space: Connectivity and the Problem of Non-Interactive Learning
Glückler J. Knowledge, networks and space: connectivity and the problem of non-interactive learning, Regional Studies. This paper develops an integrative perspective of network theory and economicExpand
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Geography of Reputation: The City as the Locus of Business Opportunity
Glückler J. (2007) Geography of reputation: the city as the locus of business opportunity, Regional Studies 41, 949–961. The paper discusses the limits of current cluster theory and theorizesExpand
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A Relational Typology of Project Management Offices
This explorative article develops a relational typology of PMOs based on their roles with stakeholders. A multi-case study was used to identify the roles of PMOs in multiple-PMO settings. AExpand
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