Johannes G. Slootweg

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In this panel contribution, the modeling of wind turbines in power systems dynamics simulations is discussed. First the three most important actual wind turbine concepts are described. Then, various classes of wind turbine models are introduced and it will be discussed which model type can be integrated in power system dynamics simulation software. To(More)
paper describes the implementation of reliability calculations into the routine network planning of a distribution network operator. Firstly, actual developments putting this issue on the agenda are described. Then, it is argued why medium voltage (MV) networks form the logical starting point. Hereafter, the basics of reliability calculations and the(More)
Voltage Stability is a key factor for the stable operation of grid connected wind farm during fault through and grid disturbances. This paper investigates the implementation and comparison of FACTS devices like STATCOM and SVC for the voltage stability issue for IG-based wind farm connected to a grid and load. The steady state behaviour of an interconnected(More)