Johannes Fellner

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An approach for determining higher order coefficients of the electrical and thermal conductivities for different materials is presented. The method is based on inverse modeling using three-dimensional transient electrothermal finite element simulations for electrothermal investigations of complex layered structures, for instance polycrystalline silicon(More)
A method for determining higher order thermal coefficients for electrical and thermal properties of metallic interconnect materials used in semiconductor fabrication is presented. By applying inverse modeling on transient electrothermal three-dimensional finite element simulations the measurements of resistance over time of Polysilicon fuse structures can(More)
We present an approach for extracting thermal coefficients of higher order for different materials. Based on inverse modeling and using transient electrother-mal simulations thermal investigations of complex lay-ered polycrystalline silicon (Polysilicon) fuses are performed by a three dimensional interconnect simulator. This method is well suited to(More)
Qualifying a high temperature, high endurance and high reliability integrated EEPROM process module according the JEDEC and AEC standard needs a large number of tested devices. Correlations of various analog and digital measurements must be done at different supply voltages, temperature conditions and with process variations to ensure a stable high yielding(More)
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