Johannes F Dayrit

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Eccrine porocarcinoma is an uncommon sweat gland malignancy. To the best of our knowledge, there has been no report in the English literature of porocarcinoma with predominantly undifferentiated sarcomatous change. We present two cases of sarcomatoid eccrine porocarcinoma associated with a benign poroma. Case 1 pertained to an 82-year-old woman with an(More)
The warm tropical climate of the Philippines and its interaction with cultural practices, occupation and immune responsiveness contribute to the increased susceptibility of Filipinos to fungal infections. An investigation to determine the prevalence of fungal infections in dermatology training institutions over a 4-year period was conducted. The results(More)
Mucinous cutaneous adnexal tumors are an uncommon occurrence. We describe three cases of mucinous hidradenoma characterized by diffuse and prominent mucinous cell proliferation and discuss the relevant literature. The patients (two men and one woman) ranged in age from 32 to 72 years. The lesions were completely excised, and all patients were alive without(More)
Symplastic hemangioma is characterized by degenerative atypia of vascular smooth muscle and interstitial cells within a pre-existing vascular lesion with minimal endothelial cell atypia. We describe an additional two cases of this distinctive but poorly recognized entity. On histology, both lesions revealed a cirsoid aneurysm-type appearance with(More)
BACKGROUND We describe a series of previously unreported, distinctive, polypoid solitary T-cell-rich cutaneous pseudolymphomas. METHODS The clinicopathologic features were examined in 17 cases. RESULTS Patient ages ranged from 16 to 71 years (mean = 38.5) with a female predominance (female : male = 14 : 3). All lesions, clinically diagnosed most often(More)
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