Johannes Emden

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Virtpresenter is a system for recording lectures and for re-using recorded contents in other didactic scenarios. Here we demonstrate how the interaction of earlier visitors in form of footprints can be used for extracting relevant passages in time based media. We illustrate how to extract online web lecture snippets for enriching static contents of a course(More)
1. Numerous compounds and changes in physical state functions shift the membrane potential of vascular smooth muscle to more negative values. The consequence is a vasodilatation because Ca2+ channels are closed. K+ channel opening frequently causes the hyperpolarization. 2. Acidification of the blood substitute solution and a fall in O2 partial pressure(More)
This paper describes an approach to integrate lecture recordings, based on the virtPresenter framework, within social networks. A lot of social networks have recently begun to provide application programming interfaces (APIs) for external applications, allowing access to users' profile information and their friendship relations. The project " social(More)
User awareness has become a popular feature in many social web applications. In classic text-based web-systems, user awareness features show how many users are online in a web application or how many users are accessing the same web page. When time based media like web lectures are concerned this approach comes to its limits since time-based media are(More)
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