Johannes Eicher

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We investigate computationally a series of intramolecular frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs), with the general formula Mes2PCHRCH2B(C6F5)2, that are known from the literature to either activate molecular hydrogen (FLPs with R = H (1) or Me (4)), or remain inert (FLPs with R = Ph (2) or SiMe3 (3)). The prototypical system Mes2PCH2CH2B(C6F5)2 (1) has been(More)
We report herein a comprehensive theoretical study of the thermodynamics and kinetics of molecular hydrogen activation by frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs). A series of intermolecularly combined boranes (Lewis acids) and phosphines (Lewis bases), with experimentally established different reactivities towards H2, have been subjected to DFT and (SCS-)MP2(More)
A synthesis route for the preparation of optically transparent magnesium fluoride sols using magnesium acetate tetrahydrate as precursor is described. The obtained magnesium fluoride sols are stable for several months and can be applied for antireflective coatings on glass substrates. Reaction parameters in the course of sol synthesis are described in(More)
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