Johannes Edelsbrunner

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Two-dimensional curves are conventionally designed using splines or Bézier curves. Although formally they are C2 or higher, the variation of the curvature of (piecewise) polynomial curves is difficult to control; in some cases it is practically impossible to obtain the desired curvature. As an alternative we propose piecewise clothoid curves (PCCs). We show(More)
With the current state of video games growing in scale, manual content creation may no longer be feasible in the future. Split grammars are a promising technology for large-scale procedural generation of urban structures, which are very common in video games. Buildings with curved parts, however, can currently only be approximated by static pre-modelled(More)
While the growing demand for new building models contained in virtual worlds, games, and movies, makes the easy and fast creation of modifiable models more and more important, 3D modeling of buildings can be a tedious task due to their sometimes complex geometry. For historic buildings, especially the roofs can be challenging. We present a new method of(More)
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