Johannes Crezee

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Hyperthermia is a powerful radiosensitizer for treatment of superficial tumors. This requires body conformal antennas with a power distribution as homogeneous as possible over the skin area. The contact flexible microstrip applicators (CFMA) operating at 434 MHz exist in several sizes, including the large size 3H and 5H. This paper investigates the behavior(More)
The currently available arsenal of anticancer modalities includes many DNA damaging agents that can kill malignant cells. However, efficient DNA repair mechanisms protect both healthy and cancer cells against the effects of treatment and contribute to the development of drug resistance. Therefore, anti-cancer treatments based on inflicting DNA damage can(More)
Patient-specific radiofrequency shimming in high-field MRI strengthens the need for online, patient-specific specific absorption rate (SAR) monitoring. Numerical simulation is currently most effective for this purpose but may require a patient-specific dielectric model. To investigate whether a generic model may be combined with a safety factor to account(More)
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