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Data processing applications must often execute collections of related transactions. We propose a model for structuring and coordinating these multi-transaction activities. The model includes mechanisms for communication between transactions, for compensating transactions after an activity has failed, for dynamic creation and binding of activities, and for(More)
In recent years, mutual information has proved to be an excellent criterion for registration of intra-individual images from different modalities. Multi-resolution coarse-to-fine optimization was proposed for speeding-up of the registration process. The aim of our work was to further improve registration speed without compromising robustness or accuracy. We(More)
Colonization of the intestinal tract and dissemination into deeper tissues by the enteric pathogen Yersinia pseudotuberculosis demands expression of a special set of virulence factors important for the initiation and the persistence of the infection. In this study we demonstrate that many virulence-associated functions are coregulated with the carbohydrate(More)
Permission to copy and display the "Business Process Execution Language for Web Services Specification, version 1.1 dated May 5, 2003" (hereafter "the BPEL4WS Specification"), in any medium without fee or royalty is hereby granted, provided that you include the following on ALL copies of the BPEL4WS Specification, or portions thereof, that you make: 1. A(More)
PRODORIC is a database that provides annotated information on the regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes. It integrates a large compilation of gene regulatory data including transcription factor binding sites, promoter structures and gene expression patterns. The whole dataset is manually curated and relies on published results extracted from the(More)
To provide an integrated bioinformatics platform for a systems biology approach to the biology of pseudomonads in infection and biotechnology the database SYSTOMONAS (SYSTems biology of pseudOMONAS) was established. Besides our own experimental metabolome, proteome and transcriptome data, various additional predictions of cellular processes, such as(More)
  • Bob Atkinson, Giovanni Della-Libera, Microsoft Satoshi Hada, Maryann Hondo, Phillip Hallam-Baker, Chris Kaler +10 others
  • 2002
The presentation, distribution or other dissemination of the information contained in this specification is not a license, either expressly or impliedly, to any intellectual property owned or controlled by IBM or Microsoft or VeriSign and\or any other third party. IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign and\or any other third party may have patents, patent applications,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the activity of proprioceptive systems during early recovery of motor function after ischaemic stroke in a prospective, longitudinal, functional imaging study. METHODS Ten patients with unilateral infarction of the posterior internal capsule were investigated using oxygen-15-water positron emission tomography during passive(More)
ProdoNet is a web-based application for the mapping of prokaryotic genes and the corresponding proteins to common gene regulatory and metabolic networks. For a given list of genes, the system detects shared operons, identifies co-expressed genes and deduces joint regulators. In addition, the contribution to shared metabolic pathways becomes visible on KEGG(More)
Proteorhodopsin (PR) photoheterotrophy in the marine flavobacterium Dokdonia sp. PRO95 has previously been investigated, showing no growth stimulation in the light at intermediate carbon concentrations. Here we report the genome sequence of strain PRO95 and compare it to two other PR encoding Dokdonia genomes: that of strain 4H-3-7-5 which shows the most(More)