Johannes C. van der Wouden

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OBJECTIVE To assess the effects on information exchange of electronic communication between physicians co-treating diabetic patients. DESIGN Comparison of traditional paper-based communication for reporting and electronic communication. SETTING General practitioners and an internal medicine outpatient clinic of an urban public hospital. SUBJECTS A(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Influenza infections are frequently involved in asthma exacerbations. During influenza epidemics substantial excess morbidity due to respiratory tract complications is reported in all age categories as well as excess mortality among the elderly. Vaccines are available for protection against influenza. Worldwide, vaccination is advised and(More)
BACKGROUND For respiratory allergic disorders in children, sublingual immunotherapy has been developed as an alternative to subcutaneous immunotherapy. Sublingual immunotherapy is more convenient, has a good safety profile and might be an attractive option for use in primary care. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study was designed to establish(More)
AbStrAct objective: substantial variation exists in physical functioning (PF) among patients with comparable pain severity, which may be partly explained by underlying psychological processes, like cognitive appraisal of pain and coping with pain. It remains unclear to what extent such determinants contribute to changes in PF over time, especially in older(More)
In the Netherlands, several general practice registrations exist. Groups of general practitioners register elements of patient care according to agreed-upon criteria, and these data are collected in a central database. By means of a questionnaire the authors interviewed the managers of all nine computerized registration networks extensively about the(More)
Atopic dermatitis (AD) has a great impact on the quality of life (QoL). The usefulness of healthrelated QoL questionnaires for children with AD in general practice and the relation to disease severity as assessed by parents and by investigators has not yet been established. In this study, QoL was assessed using the IDQoL in children with AD, selected from(More)
AbStrAct objective: to explore self-perceived care needs, determinants of identified needs and experiences concerning needs in older adults with joint pain and comorbidity, by using a mixed method approach. Design and methods: a prospective cohort study of older adults (≥65 years) with joint pain and comorbidity provided baseline data (n=407). We used the(More)