Johannes C. Schneider

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Simulations with the chemistry transport model CHIMERE are compared to measurements performed during the MEGAPOLI (Megacities: Emissions, urban, regional and Global Atmospheric POLlution and climate effects, and Integrated tools for assessment and mitigation) summer campaign in the Greater Paris region in July 2009. The volatility-basis-set approach (VBS)(More)
We demonstrate control of electronic population transfer in molecules with the help of appropriately shaped femtosecond laser pulses. To this end we investigate two photosensitizer dyes in solution being prepared in the triplet ground state. Excitation within the triplet system is followed by intersystem crossing and the corresponding singlet fluorescence(More)
Recent research in heterogeneous catalysis, especially on size-selected model systems under UHV conditions and also in realistic catalytic environments, has proved that it is necessary to think in terms of the exact number of atoms when it comes to catalyst design. This is of utmost importance if the amount of noble metal, gold in particular, is to be(More)
The Dual Post Correspondence Problem asks whether, for a given word α, there exists a pair of distinct morphisms σ, τ , one of which needs to be non-periodic, such that σ(α) = τ(α) is satisfied. This problem is important for the research on equality sets, which are a vital concept in the theory of computation, as it helps to identify words that are in(More)