Johannes C. Ehrenthal

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The "Experiences in Close Relationships--Revised" (ECR-R) is a well developed instrument for assessing attachment in adults, which is used in different research areas around the world. In this paper the German version (ECR-RD) was evaluated in a large non-clinical (N = 1006) and a clinical sample (N = 225). Overall, the good psychometrical properties were(More)
A key ingredient in the current proposal of the DSM-5 Work Group on Personality and Personality Disorders is the assessment of overall severity of impairment in personality functioning: the Levels of Personality Functioning Scale (LPFS). The aim of this article is to contribute a conceptual and empirical discussion of the LPFS from the perspective of the(More)
OBJECTIVES Psychosocial variables have received increased attention in periodontology. Attachment theory adds to known risk factors by linking early interactional experiences with adult tendencies of stress-regulation, health behaviour, symptom reporting, and healthcare utilization. The study investigates associations between attachment patterns and(More)
Recent considerations around DSM-5 criteria of personality disorders (PDs) demand new concepts of assessing levels of personality functioning. Of special interest are multiperspective approaches accounting for clinicians' as well as patients' points of view. The study investigates observer-rated and self-assessed levels of personality functioning measured(More)
BACKGROUND Attachment insecurity relates to the onset and course of chronic pain via dysfunctional reactions to pain. However, few studies have investigated the proportion of insecure attachment styles in different pain conditions, and results regarding associations between attachment, pain severity, and disability in chronic pain are inconsistent. This(More)
The psychoanalytically informed construct of 'defence mechanisms' is of central importance for the understanding of the dynamics of inner conflicts and the onset of neurotic symptoms. Objective and valid assessment of 'defence' is difficult. There are a number of observer rating instruments but only few self-report questionnaires. The German version of the(More)
The concept of psychic structure plays a central role in the Operationalised Psychodynamic Diagnosis (OPD) system. Until recently, its reliable and valid assessment had to be based on expert ratings of clinical interviews, limiting the use of the OPD in routine measurements and research, and excluding the patients' perspective. The current study describes(More)
OBJECTIVES Despite its clinical importance and relevance for health care policy, the pathways between depression and stress regulation remain poorly understood. The objective of our study was to compare cardiovascular and autonomic responses to brief psychosocial stress in a group of severely depressed subjects without heart disease and a non-depressed(More)
The growing number of individuals seeking treatment for mental disorders calls for intelligent and responsible decisions in health care politics. However, the current relative decrease in reimbursement of effective psychotherapy approaches occurring in the context of an increase in prescription of psychotropic medication lacks a scientific base. Using(More)
Maternal depression poses a risk for the developing mother-infant relationship. Similarly, maternal insecure attachment styles may limit the ability to adequately connect with the newborn during the postpartum period. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of maternal depression and insecure attachment (insecure and dual/disorganized) on(More)