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Towards a research agenda for geoprocessing services
Geoprocessing services are currently a hot topic in research and industry for enabling the dynamic generation of web-based geoinformation in Spatial Data Infrastructures. An overview and an in-depthExpand
Scientific geodata infrastructures: challenges, approaches and directions
The paper summarizes requirements and recommendations on the publication of scientific geospatial data and on functionalities to be provided in Scientific GDI. Expand
Integration of GRASS Functionality in Web based SDI Service Chains
A BPEL-based approach to orchestrate geoprocessing workflows based on distributed processing services incorporating the wrapping approach is described and proven by applying it to a real world scenario, which monitors droughts in a Sub-Sahara region with a Normalized Differenced Vegetation Index (NDVI) calculated from earth observation data. Expand
Moving Code in Spatial Data Infrastructures – Web Service Based Deployment of Geoprocessing Algorithms
The suggested “moving code” approach in a case study in the field of Spatial Decision Support proves its applicability and the proposed solution is analyzed and assessed in terms of gained efficiency, performance behavior and support for distributed development of geoprocessing functionality. Expand
Geospatial Web Services for Distributed Processing: Applications and Scenarios
This chapter provides an overview of the current state-of-the-art approach of distributed geoprocessing by describing the related concepts, such as the OGC Web Processing Service, workflows, Quality of Service and legacy system integration. Expand
A Service-Oriented Framework for Real-Time and Distributed Geoprocessing
An approach will be introduced to improve complex and large-scale geoprocesses in two dimensions by significantly increasing the performance of single processes by means of Grid Computing technology and by improving other Quality of Service aspects. Expand
Design and prototype of an interoperable online air quality information system
This paper focuses on the design and development of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)-compliant online system for air quality information retrieval, including support for real-time monitoring. ThisExpand
Towards a knowledge base to support geoprocessing workflow development
All phases of the development process of a spatial analysis workflow regarding the requirements of operation descriptions are analyzed and a knowledge base that contains information about spatial analysis operations for the operations’ discovery, selection and composition is analyzed. Expand
Integrating OGC Web Processing Services into Geospatial Mass-Market Applications
Enabling the integration of information provided by OGC Web Processing Services into geospatial mass-market applications is promising, as it increases the availability of information for mostExpand