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Towards a research agenda for geoprocessing services
Geoprocessing services are currently a hot topic in research and industry for enabling the dynamic generation of web-based geoinformation in Spatial Data Infrastructures. An overview and an in-depthExpand
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Scientific geodata infrastructures: challenges, approaches and directions
Based on various experiences in developing Geodata Infrastructures (GDIs) for scientific applications, this article proposes the concept of a Scientific GDI that can be used by scientists inExpand
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Integration of GRASS Functionality in Web based SDI Service Chains
Bringing the full set of GIS (Geographical Information System) functionality into a SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) based environment is one of the substantial changes in the GIS domain.Expand
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Moving Code in Spatial Data Infrastructures – Web Service Based Deployment of Geoprocessing Algorithms
This article proposes a concept for offering complex geoprocessing functionality in service-based Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). Today, geoprocessing in SDI is typically realized in a dataExpand
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Geospatial Web Services for Distributed Processing: Applications and Scenarios
Processing and modeling of geodata are essential parts of the daily work of GIS technology experts. Domain experts often need to perform sophisticated GIS analysis of complex data. Currently,Expand
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A Service-Oriented Framework for Real-Time and Distributed Geoprocessing
With increasing availability of network bandwidth, server side processing capacity and advancements regarding the standardization of Web Service technologies, it becomes feasible to process geodataExpand
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Geoprocessing Appstore - Open-Source-Community-Plattform für Geoprozessierung
Heutige Geoinformationsinfrastrukturen fokussieren Visualisierung, Suche und Download von Geodaten. Das Publizieren und Bereitstellen von georäumlichen Algorithmen und Simulationsmodellen, die dieseExpand
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Integrating OGC Web Processing Services into Geospatial Mass-Market Applications
Enabling the integration of information provided by OGC Web Processing Services into geospatial mass-market applications is promising, as it increases the availability of information for mostExpand
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Towards a knowledge base to support geoprocessing workflow development
ABSTRACT The spatial analysis functionalities of geographic information systems (GIS) are increasingly used across the web. Interface specifications of geoprocessing web services define the syntacticExpand
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