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When people interpret language, they can reduce the ambiguity of linguistic expressions by using information about perspective: the speaker's, their own, or a shared perspective. In order to investigate the mental processes that underlie such perspective taking, we tracked people's eye movements while they were following instructions to manipulate objects.(More)
Geoprocessing services are currently a hot topic in research and industry for enabling the dynamic generation of web-based geoinformation in Spatial Data Infrastructures. An overview and an in-depth analysis of this new approach are missing yet. However, they are necessary to support upcoming projects and to streamline research towards fully web-based(More)
Bringing the full set of GIS (Geographical Information System) functionality into a SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) based environment is one of the substantial changes in the GIS domain. Standardized data access and coordinate transformation and visualization functionality are already available and commonly used in Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI).(More)
Enabling the integration of information provided by OGC Web Processing Services into geospatial mass-market applications is promising, as it increases the availability of information for most ordinary users. This information will be most likely based on the latest available data (e.g. collected by sensors) and can thereby support the user in(More)
A three-dimensional solute transport model with biological reactions is presented for simulating the natural attenuation study (NATS) at the Columbus Air Force Base in eastern Mississippi. NATS consisted of the release of a petroleum-based nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) and subsequent monitoring of BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, p-xylene),(More)
Die Online-Fachbuchhandlung beck-shop.de ist spezialisiert auf Fachbücher, insbesondere Recht, Steuern und Wirtschaft. Im Sortiment finden Sie alle Medien (Bücher, Zeitschriften, CDs, eBooks, etc.) aller Verlage. Ergänzt wird das Programm durch Services wie Neuerscheinungsdienst oder Zusammenstellungen von Büchern zu Sonderpreisen. Der Shop führt mehr als 8(More)