Johannes Bendler

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Social networks offer vast potential for marketing agencies, as members freely provide private information, for instance on their current situation, opinions, tastes, and feelings. The use of social networks to feed into crime platforms has been acknowledged to build a kind of a virtual neighborhood watch. Current attempts that tried to automatically(More)
The major conclusion from these studies is that variants of Haemophilus influenzae Rd which restrict and modify phage S2 are metastable and capable of giving rise to one another with high frequency. Nonrestrictive RdS cells segregate spontaneously to the restricting, modifying phenotype in about 5% of the progeny of a single clone. The restrictive cells(More)
A procedure utilizing nitrosoguanidine has been developed to produce defective and temperature-sensitive mutants of prophage (S2) in lysogenic Haemophilus influenzae. The system should be generally applicable to all temperate phage systems. At saturating concentrations of phage DNA, more than 25 percent of recipient mutant lysogenic bacteria can be(More)
The bindings sites for interferon (IFN) on the limiting cell membranes of human and mouse fibroblasts and erythrocytes were revealed by an indirect immunoferritin technique. Mouse IFN-beta and human IFN-beta of high specific activity were used with the corresponding purified antibodies. Species-specific IFN binding was demonstrated by ferritin deposition on(More)
Johannes Bendler, Sebastian Wagner,<lb>Tobias Brandt, Dirk Neumann Taming Uncertainty in Big Data Evidence from Social Media in Urban<lb>Areas While the classic definition of Big Data<lb>included the dimensions volume, ve-<lb>locity, and variety, a fourth dimension,<lb>veracity, has recently come to the at-<lb>tention of researchers and practition-<lb>ers.(More)
The properties of donor deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from three clinical isolates and its ability to mediate the transformation of competent Rd strains to ampicillin resistance were examined. A quantitative technique for determining the resistance of individual Haemophilus influenzae cells to ampicillin was developed. When this technique was used, sensitive(More)
The importance of efficient use of IT infrastructure capacities increases, as the growing amount of deployed IT systems increasingly requires resources. On the one hand, companies can outsource their IT demands to Cloud providers in order to only pay for the very amount of required computational power. On the other hand, cloud providers themselves need to(More)