Johannes Behrends

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In this paper, we present a fully automated image segmentation method based on an algorithm that provides adaptive plasticity in function approximation problems: the deformable (feature) map (DM) algorithm. The DM approach reduces a class of similar function approximation problems to the explicit supervised one-shot training of a single data set. This is(More)
In this paper a method for three-dimensional modeling of the human vocal tract based on T1-weighted MRI data sets is introduced. This includes the reconstruction of the vocal tract shape and the computation of the vocal tract midline. Reconstruction of the vocal tract shape is realized by three-dimensional region growing within the vocal tract after teeth(More)
We present a complete system for image-based 3D vocal tract analysis ranging from MR image acquisition during phonation, semi-automatic image processing, quantitative modeling including model-based speech synthesis, to quantitative model evaluation by comparison between recorded and synthesized phoneme sounds. For this purpose, six professionally trained(More)
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