Johannes Bauer

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The demand for ‘authentic’ cultural and nature-based tourism experiences affects all cultures, including the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan’s dilemma is represented in its desire to share in global economic development while still retaining its traditional cultural identity. In this paper we examine the relationship between tourism, development,(More)
P reparing students for societal participation requires well-prepared science and mathematics teachers ( 1– 3). There is increasing evidence that teacher education matters. Opportunities to learn in initial teacher education affect teachers’ professional knowledge development ( 4– 6). Such knowledge has been found to predict teaching quality and student(More)
This paper explores the confusing terminology used in the description of a landform characterised by swampy, alluvial valley floors, generally known in Australia as 'swampy meadows'. Swampy meadows were once common in the Australian landscape. Following the impacts of European settlement, such as clearing, grazing, swamp burning and draining, functionally(More)