Johannes Bauer

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Much of the rhetoric about Web-based electronic commerce focuses on its use in reaching global markets. Yet not all businesses can or should target global audiences. The literature on electronic commerce to date does not provide adequate guidance about the ways that local merchants can exploit synergies between their local physical presence and electronic(More)
The demand for 'authentic' cultural and nature-based tourism experiences affects all cultures, including the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan's dilemma is represented in its desire to share in global economic development while still retaining its traditional cultural identity. In this paper we examine the relationship between tourism, development,(More)
  • Johannes Bauer, Lutz Nat Carsten, Hochschullehrer Betreuender, Ing Franz Baader, Johannes Datum, Bauer
  • 2009
Ontologies play an increasingly important role in areas such as the life and clinical sciences and the Semantic Web. Domain experts, i.e. biologists and clinicians, build and re-use (parts of) ontologies, and make use of reasoners to explicate some of the knowledge captured in an ontology. Understanding this knowledge is a highly complex task for which some(More)
  • bullet Plassmann, Ostermann K, bullet Radebold, Rassek M Schlesinger-Kipp, Teising, bullet Bauer +3 others
  • 2016
• Teising M (1994) Die deutsche Vereinigung in den Träumen während einer psychoanalytischen Behandlung. In: Deutsche Psychoanalytische Vereinigung Kommission West-Ost: Die Wiedervereinigung im Psychotherapeutischen Prozeß 197-212. • Teising M (1997) Subjektive Gesundheits-und Krankheitskonzepte. Annäherung an die Bedeutung der Begriffe. In: Pro-jektgruppe(More)