Johannes Amtmann

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Texture attributes describe the spatial arrangement of neighboring amplitudes values within a given analysis window. We chose a statistical texture classification method, the gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM), and its derived attributes, to produce a semiautomated description of the spatial arrangement of seismic facies. The GLCM is a measure of how(More)
Keywords: Seismic Grey level co-occurrence matrix Seismic attributes Channels a b s t r a c t Seismic interpretation can be supported by seismic attribute analysis. Common seismic attributes use mathematical relationships based on the geometry and the physical properties of the subsurface to reveal features of interest. But they are mostly not capable of(More)
Figure 1: Principal work steps for the calculation of grey level co-occurrence matrix-based attributes. The initial image or dataset needs to be transferred into a grey scale image (a), which can be represented by discrete values (b). The number of co-occurrences of pixel pairs for a given search window are counted and a grey level co-occurrence matrix (c)(More)
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