Johannes A. Schmid

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Immune cells are somewhat unique in that activation responses can alter quantitative phenotypes upwards of 100,000-fold. To date little is known about the metabolic adaptations necessary to mount such dramatic phenotypic shifts. Screening for novel regulators of macrophage activation, we found nonprotein kinases of glucose metabolism among the most enriched(More)
An operating error in a sewage treatment plant led to severe drinking water contamination in a well-defined district of a suburban municipality of Zurich, Switzerland. Despite the alert issued to the local population on the same day advising people not to consume the contaminated water, cases of acute gastroenteric diseases were subsequently observed.(More)
(1999) AhR, ARNT, and CYP1A1 mRNA quantitation in cultured human embryonic palates exposed to TCDD and comparison with mouse palate in vivo and in culture. Aryl hydrocarbon receptor gene silencing with small inhibitory RNA differentially modulates Ah-responsiveness in MCF-7 and HepG2 cancer cells. (1996) Intake, fecal excretion, and body burden of(More)
An epidemiological inquiry has been conducted, focused on history and structure of the families of 100 male schizophrenics, compared with 100 controls. Data have been collected from Swiss registry offices, consisting of name, dates of birth, marriage, death, etc., for 4 generations. Two of the results are presented here: we find p6 repetitive patterns from(More)
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