Johanne Filiatrault

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The relationship between upper extremity motor function and independence in basic activities of daily living in subjects with hemiplegia was explored. The Barthel Index (Mahoney & Barthel, 1965) and the Fugl-Meyer Test (Fugl-Meyer, Jääskö, Leyman, Olsson, & Steglind, 1975) were selected as the standard instruments for the evaluation of activities of daily(More)
This article reports the results of a comparative study on directional patterns of muscle activation at the lower limb in 15 subjects with hemiparesis and 18 healthy subjects. Subjects were required to exert static hip and knee torques using multidirectional and biarticular dynamometers designed for the lower limbs. Hip torques were performed in abduction,(More)
Objectives. The objective of this study was to identify individual and environmental correlates of fear of falling among community-dwelling seniors. Method. The study sample involved 288 community-dwelling adults aged 65 years or older going through the normal aging process. Fear of falling and a series of individual and environmental characteristics were(More)
Contralateral torques exerted at the hip were measured in healthy subjects and subjects with hemiparesis performing unilateral static hip efforts in abduction, adduction, flexion and extension, in a sitting position, at two torque levels. In general, the ipsilateral hip efforts were accompanied by mirrored contralateral torques in both groups of subjects.(More)
The fear of falling can be manipulated by introducing a postural threat (e.g., an elevated support surface) during stance and gait. Under these conditions, balance parameters are altered in both young and elderly individuals. This study aimed to dissociate the physical and psychological aspects of the threat and show the impact of a verbal warning cue of(More)
It is well documented that the majority of adults, children and families in need of evidence-based behavioral health interventions i do not receive them [1, 2] and that few robust empirically supported methods for implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs) exist. The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC) represents a burgeoning effort(More)
BACKGROUND Fractures associated with bone fragility in older adults signal the potential for secondary fracture. Fragility fractures often precipitate further decline in health and loss of mobility, with high associated costs for patients, families, society and the healthcare system. Promptly initiating a coordinated, comprehensive pharmacological bone(More)
The function of a static dynamometer measuring torques exerted simultaneously in the different anatomical planes of the hip (flexion-extension, abduction-adduction and internal-external rotation) and knee (flexion-extension) is described. Muscular torques were calculated in real time using a desktop computer from measurements of orthogonal forces applied at(More)
Several studies have examined muscle activation patterns during movements or static torques exerted in different directions in human subjects as well as in trained monkeys. However, no statistical approach has ever been proposed to characterize directional patterns of muscle activation in a given population. This report describes a method for the(More)
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