Johanna Wiese

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We used an in vitro model system to examine the sites of deposition of aqueous therapeutic aerosols administered through 3-mm, 6-mm, and 9-mm endotracheal tubes (commonly used in infants, children, and adults) at clinically relevant inspiratory flow rates. Aerosol was delivered to the endotracheal tube via a "T" piece and a 90 degree elbow. Aerosol exiting(More)
Occasionally, vertebral body lesions are encountered that are ill suited to the standard posterolateral approach to biopsy. The authors used a transpedicular approach to spine biopsy in six such cases. The authors suggest that this approach be used when the location of the lesion does not allow easy access by means of the posterolateral approach.
The bobble-head doll syndrome is a rare movement disorder; fewer than 40 cases have been reported. It is usually associated with cystic abnormalities in the region of the anterior third ventricle. Various physiologic mechanisms have been proposed but none of them has been substantiated. We report a patient with this syndrome produced by a suprasellar(More)
AIMS To compare B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) levels with response of systemic right ventricular function to Dobutamine stress. METHODS AND RESULTS Sixteen patients aged 25.6 +/- 3.7 years (eight each after Senning or Mustard repair of complete transposition) were studied. Transoesophageal imaging was performed in the catheterization laboratory under(More)
Forty-four clinical episodes of suspected (pancreas) transplant rejection in 17 pancreatic transplantation patients were reviewed retrospectively. The clinical impression of acute graft rejection, chronic rejection, or nonrejection in each episode was correlated with the results of 19 nuclear medicine, 12 ultrasound (US), and 44 magnetic resonance (MR)(More)
The results of intrauterine contraception using four different types of Antigen devices in 118 insulin-treated diabetic women are reported. The patients were followed for a total of 24 months. Cumulative closure rates for the 1st year were as follows: pregnancy, 3.5; expulsion, 13.1; removal for bleeding and/or pain, 7.9; and planned pregnancy, 1.2, giving(More)
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