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Temperatures in the Life Zones of the Tyrolean Alps
The bioclimatic temperatures that mountain plants experience are very different from the macroclimatic temperatures and vary according to the exposition, relief, and growth form. This is shown in theExpand
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Perillyl Alcohol Inhibits Breast Cell Migration without Affecting Cell Adhesion
The monoterpene d-limonene exhibits chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive potential in breast cancer patients. D-limonene and its related compounds, perillyl alcohol and perillyl aldehyde, were chosenExpand
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Persistent Supercooling of Reproductive Shoots Is Enabled by Structural Ice Barriers Being Active Despite an Intact Xylem Connection
Extracellular ice nucleation usually occurs at mild subzero temperatures in most plants. For persistent supercooling of certain plant parts ice barriers are necessary to prevent the entry of ice fromExpand
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Peter In Radioland
Über die Wirkung des Äthylens aufNitzschia putrida Benecke
Summary1.Ethylene increases the number of divisions ofNitzschia putrida.2.If the diatoms are in an ethylene-atmosphere for a long time they show an increase of lipoids which can lead toExpand
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Characterization of perillyl alcohol as a cell migration-inhibiting compound
Characterization of Perillyl Alcohol as a Cell Migration Inhibiting Compound