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In robot assisted gait training, a pattern of human locomotion is executed repetitively with the intention to restore the motor programs associated with walking. Several studies showed that active contribution to the movement is critical for the encoding of motor memory. We propose to use brain monitoring techniques during gait training to encourage active(More)
Voluntary drive is crucial for motor learning, therefore we are interested in the role that motor planning plays in gait movements. In this study we examined the impact of an interactive Virtual Environment (VE) feedback task on the EEG patterns during robot assisted walking. We compared walking in the VE modality to two control conditions: walking with a(More)
In temperate-zone mountains, summer frosts usually occur during unpredictable cold spells with snow-falls. Earlier studies have shown that vegetative aboveground organs of most high-mountain plants tolerate extracellular ice in the active state. However, little is known about the impact of frost on reproductive development and reproductive success. In(More)
Monitoring and interpreting (sub)cortical reorganization after stroke may be useful for selecting therapies and improving rehabilitation outcome. To develop computational models that predict behavioral motor improvement from changing brain activation pattern, we are currently working on the implementation of a clinically feasible experimental set-up, which(More)
The monoterpene d-limonene exhibits chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive potential in breast cancer patients. D-limonene and its related compounds, perillyl alcohol and perillyl aldehyde, were chosen as candidate drugs for application in a screen for nontoxic inhibitors of cell migration. Using the nontumorigenic human breast cell line MCF-10A, we(More)
Freezing patterns in the high alpine cushion plants Saxifraga bryoides, Saxifraga caesia, Saxifraga moschata and Silene acaulis were studied by infrared thermography at three reproductive stages (bud, anthesis, fruit development). The single reproductive shoots of a cushion froze independently in all four species at every reproductive stage. Ice formation(More)
Investigating human brain function is essential to develop models of cortical involvement during walking. Such models could advance the analysis of motor impairments following brain injuries (e.g., stroke) and may lead to novel rehabilitation approaches. In this work, we applied high-density EEG source imaging based on individual anatomy to enable(More)
Impairment of an individual's ability to communicate is a major hurdle for active participation in education and social life. A lot of individuals with cerebral palsy (CP) have normal intelligence, however, due to their inability to communicate, they fall behind. Non-invasive electroencephalogram (EEG) based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have been(More)
In high-mountains, cold spells can occur at any time during the growing season and plants may be covered with snow for several days. This raises the question to what extent sexual processes are impaired by low temperatures. We tested pollen performance and fertilization capacity of high-mountain species with different elevational distribution in the(More)