Johanna Vidal

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Temporal variation in the motor function of Parkinson's disease (PD) patients suggests the potential importance of a chronobiological and chronopharmacological approach in its clinical management. We previously documented the effects of striatal injection of 6-OHDA (as an animal model of PD) on the circadian rhythms of temperature (T), heart rate (HR), and(More)
Mitochondrial experiments are of increasing interest in different fields of research. Inhibition of mitochondrian activities seems to play a role in Parkinson's disease and in this regard several animal models have used inhibitors of mitochondrial respiration such as rotenone or MPTP. Most of these experiments were done during the daytime. However, there is(More)
The effects of food on biological rhythms may influence the findings of chronopharmacological studies. The present study evaluated the influence of a restricted food access during the rest (light) span of nocturnally active Wistar rats on the 24 h time organization of biological functions in terms of the circadian rhythms of temperature (T), heart rate(More)
Spinal cord-injured men with ejaculation disorders can have children thanks to assisted reproduction techniques. Spermatozoa from these patients are usually obtained through vibratory stimulation, electroejaculation or by puncturing the seminal duct or the testicle. We present the first published case, as far as we are aware, of spermatozoa obtained through(More)
Osteoporosis is a frequent complication related to spinal cord injury (SCI), and data on osteoporosis treatment after SCI is scarce. Treatment with denosumab increases lumbar and femoral BMD and decreases bone turnover markers in individuals with recent SCI. This drug may be a promising therapeutic option in SCI-related osteoporosis. Osteoporosis(More)
Objective. To assess long-term efficacy, safety and functional benefit of intrathecal baclofen for severe spinal spasticity. Materials and Methods. This prospective multicenter study was performed in two stages: the first one consisted of an intrathecal bolus injection of baclofen, and the second of a continuous intrathecal baclofen infusion by means of an(More)
The role of hipoxia on A-V conduction was studied in the patients with severe respiratory insufficiency. Intervals of A-V conduction were measured under basal conditions, breathing room air and with increasing atrial rates. Results are compared with those obtained after the administration of 99% oxygen. A-V conduction times were normal in all the patients(More)
Permanent atrial paralysis is a very rare entity characterized by absence of electrical and mechanical activity of the atria which persists for months or years. We present a patient with congestive cardiomyopathy and chronic atrial paralysis. The phonomechanocardiographic study confirmed the absence of mechanical contraction of the atrium and did not show(More)