Johanna T Crane

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Contrary to early expectations, recent studies have shown near-perfect adherence to HIV antiretrovirals in sub-Saharan Africa We conducted qualitative interviews with patients purchasing low-cost, generic antiretroviral therapy to better understand the social dynamics underlying these findings. We found that concerns for family well-being motivate(More)
The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) has emerged as a major voice within the fi eld of academic global health. Established in 2008 in San Francisco, the group’s membership includes many of the most prestigious universities in the USA, and its leadership is well connected to US policy makers and funding agencies. On Sept 19–21, 2010, the(More)
This paper builds on the growing literature in 'postcolonial technoscience' by examining how science and ethics travel in transnational HIV research. I use examples of two controversial US-funded studies of mother-to-child transmission in Africa as case studies through which to explore quandaries of difference and inequality in global health research. My(More)
In their Personal View, Seema Shah and colleagues1 addressed ethical issues to be considered in paediatric HIV cure research.1 The recent rebound of HIV RNA in the so-called Mississippi baby dispelled hopes of a cure, and cautions against use of the term cure.2 In a subsequent Correspondence,3 the same investigators accepted the limits of our knowledge and(More)
This study of a global health research partnership assesses how U.S. fiscal administrative policies impact capacity building at foreign partner institutions. We conducted a case study of a research collaboration between Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Mbarara, Uganda, and originally the University of California San Francisco (UCSF),(More)
In 2013, physician-researchers announced that a baby in Mississippi had been 'functionally cured' of HIV [Persaud, D., Gay, H., Ziemniak, C. F., Chen, Y. H., Piatak, M., Chun, T.-W., … Luzuriaga, K. (2013b, March). Functional HIV cure after very early ART of an infected infant. Paper presented at the 20th conference on retroviruses and opportunistic(More)
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