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In this paper I discuss how participation in IT design depends on how actors and IT design is defined. The argument is that participation is intertwined with gender, power and knowledge. The empirical basis for the paper is an ethnographic study of a business process analysis in an IT design project in a Swedish government agency. The frame of reference is(More)
Inside an open data ecosystem, between municipality and business there exists an unexplored data market based on open data sets. As actors works towards a functioning ecosystem, resistance is expressed. In this study, we explore and expand the insight of an open data ecosystem and bring forth actors' resistance expression. This paper is the result of a case(More)
This study is work in progress starting with the point of departure that everyday accidents strike unjust, and with the purpose to explore how gender, age, disability and ethnicity are understood, and included – or excluded – in relation to the information systems involved in rescue operations performed. Empirical material was gathered through interviews(More)
In this position statement we provide our understanding of the relation between the IS field and the notion of sustainability, and present our focus through a characterization of the " sustainability research " construct. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the discourse on a clarification of the construct itself in our research community.
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