Johanna Salazar

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This paper deals with the optimal operational strategy of a reverse osmosis (RO) plant for remote sites. The electricity supply to these plants comes usually from renewable energies (wind and solar), when they are not temporarily available, they are complemented by a diesel generator and batteries. The water demand of small settlements in arid regions(More)
A methodology is proposed to determine the worst case effect that tolerances in components of active filters might have on its performance. The approach , based on the use of the Structured Singular Value, is shown to provide repeatable and non-probabilistic strict bounds on filter performance, allowing the designer to focus on worst case " limit of(More)
Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most common technique to produce drinkable water in arid regions. The desalination plants are usually designed for a short number of constant operation points. A dynamic strategy of control would help to decrease the operation expense and the equipments cost. However, the lack of dynamic simulation tools for this kind of plants,(More)
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