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INTRODUCTION The impact of working in an oncology setting has been widely researched for physicians, nurses, social workers, and chaplains. The experiences of nonlicensed support staff in an oncology setting have rarely been acknowledged or addressed. Few studies have addressed support or education initiatives for support staff caring for oncology patients.(More)
An attack with Bacillus anthracis ("anthrax") is a known threat to the United States. When weaponized, it can cause inhalation anthrax, the deadliest form of the disease. Due to the rapid course of inhalation anthrax, delays in initiation of antibiotics may decrease survival chances. Because a rapid response would require cooperation from the public, there(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer patients with limited English proficiency may need specialized assistance to communicate with health professionals about cancer and clinical trials. METHODS Medical interpreters working in several Boston-area hospitals were invited to participate in training sessions about cancer and cancer clinical trials. We did a pre and post(More)
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