Johanna Parra

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During a period of 42 months, we studied the prevalence of epilepsy in a specific health district, composing by four towns with 98,405 inhabitants older than 10 years. This has been accomplished by a two-phase cross-sectional study. The prevalence rate observed was 4.12/1000 inhabitants for all types of epilepsy. No significant differences were found(More)
The post-marketing international Global Adherence Project investigated adherence to disease-modifying therapy for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. We report adherence data from the first 2 years in the Spanish subset of patients (n = 254 at baseline). The overall adherence rate was 85.4%. Patients taking intramuscular (IM) interferon-β (IFNβ)-1a were(More)
INTRODUCTION We analysed the value of the diagnostic criteria of the International Headache Society (IHS) for the classification of the primary headaches in a headache clinic. PATIENTS AND METHODS The IHS criteria were applied to classify 208 headaches in 194 patients. Forty-two had migraine, 18 tension type headache and 76 chronic daily headaches (CDH).(More)
BACKGROUND In this article we report adherence data from the first 2 years in a subset of patients from the Global Adherence Project (GAP; n=2,648) in Spain. METHODS A questionnaire assessing adherence to Disease-modifying therapies (DMTs), was distributed annually to patients and their treating neurologists. Non-adherence was defined as missing a DMT(More)
Premature birth is a sudden change of the sensory environment of a newborn, while their senses are still in development, especially in the stressful and noisy environment of the NICU. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of noise on the early tactile manual abilities of preterm infants (between 29 and 35 weeks PCA). Infants were randomly assigned to one(More)