Johanna Nicolaas Jacobs

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A Gram-positive, irregular rod-shaped, non-motile, yellow-pigmented bacterium, strain JG 31(T), was isolated in the course of identifying chromium-resistant soil bacteria. 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis of the isolated bacterium indicated its phylogenetic position within the genus Leucobacter. Binary 16S rRNA gene sequence alignments of the isolated(More)
BACKGROUND Following liver transplantation, patients require lifelong immunosuppressive care and monitoring. Computerized clinical decision support (CDS) has been shown to improve post-transplant immunosuppressive care processes and outcomes. The readiness of transplant information systems to implement computerized CDS to support post-transplant care is(More)
BACKGROUND Residents learn by working in a multidisciplinary context, in different locations, with many clinical teachers. Although clinical teachers are collectively responsible for residency training, little is known about the way teaching teams function. AIM We conducted a qualitative study to explore clinical teachers' views on how teaching teams(More)
BACKGROUND Cefoxitin is a potent inducer of the mecA gene. It is currently as a screening recommended method for presumptive identification of isolates of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The aim of the study was to compare the sensitivity and specificity of the cefoxitin disc diffusion (30 μg) to oxacillin agar screening from detection(More)
Determination of the ability of a medical device to interact with the immune system currently involves assessment of the immunogenic potential and biocompatibility of the device or an extract of the device. However, implants are often in the body for extended periods of time and/or are placed by a surgical procedure that in and of itself will generate an(More)
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