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During the last decade the Internet has developed into a public multi service network that should be able to support heterogeneous applications and customers with diverse requirements. For this reason, quality of service (QoS) provisioning in the Internet has gained increasing attention. General service architectures have been proposed in the literature for(More)
Effectively and fairly allocating resources to the competing users in a network is a major issue to meet the demand for higher performance nowadays. Queue management enhances the efficiency of transfers and cooperates with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in adapting the intense flow of the congestion in the network. The shared resources of a network are(More)
Ethernet today is the dominant technology in local area networks. The IEEE 802.3 working group is finalizing an amendment to the Ethernet standard called 802.3ah that will bring Ethernet to the access network. This paper introduces the new features introduced by 802.3ah as well as discusses the potential role of Ethernet in the access network.
A six-year-old Ragdoll cat underwent examination due to a six-month history of slowly progressive gait abnormalities. The cat presented with an ambulatory tetraparesis with a neurological examination indicating a C1-T2 myelopathy. Radiographs of the spine showed a radiopaque irregular line ventrally in the vertebral canal dorsal to vertebral bodies C3-C5.(More)
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