Johanna L Maas

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An automated GC-MS-based screening method was developed for over 400 industrial, agrochemical and household chemicals. Extracted ion chromatograms were used and the method was aimed at creating a minimum number of false positives. The compound polarity range usually associated with solid-phase extraction was extended to include very apolar, bioaccumulative,(More)
Surface water used for drinking-water preparation requires continuous monitoring for the presence of toxic compounds. For monitoring of genotoxic compounds fish models have been developed, such as the Eastern mudminnow (Umbra pygmaea L.) because of its clearly visible 22 meta-centric chromosomes. It was demonstrated in the late seventies that Rhine water(More)
The production of drinking water from river water requires a certain minimal river water quality. The Association of River Rhine Water Works (RIWA), therefore, operates a monitoring network. In vitro mutagenicity studies have shown that the genotoxicity of the River Rhine water steadily decreased from 1981 until 2001. Compared to a study in 1978, a decrease(More)
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