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  • 1982
The importance of predicting human ovulation for either optimizing or avoiding conception has been considered from an endocrine, morphological and clinical view point. Of the biochemical markers in peripheral blood, a knowledge of the LH peak is the most clearly defined, with a two to four fold increase above baseline levels for a relatively short 24-30(More)
The changes in the binding of human chorionic gonadotrophin/luteinizing hormone (HCG/LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and prolactin to 44 corpora lutea have been assessed during the luteal phase of the human menstrual cycle and early pregnancy. All corpora lutea bound HCG but out of 32 only ten bound FSH and only seven bound prolactin specifically.(More)
Title of Document: MERCURY METHYLATION IN DISSIMILATORY IRON-REDUCING BACTERIA 22BElizabeth Johanna Kerin, Master of Science, 2007 Directed By: Dr. Marcelino Suzuki, Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences Microbial mercury methylation is an integral factor controlling methylmercury concentrations within aquatic ecosystems. This thesis explores the(More)
This review covers the effects and complications of the major contraceptives on the diabetic state, and their suitability for diabetics. Originally, high estrogen oral contraceptives compromised glucose tolerance by impairing insulin secretion, causing carbohydrate intolerance and reducing insulin receptors. The current low-dose orals neither precipitate(More)
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