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Health IT evaluation studies have often been found to be of limited quality. To address this problem, several guidelines and frameworks have been developed as tools to support improvement of the quality of evaluation studies. In this contribution, we review available guidelines and then present the Good Evaluation Practice Guideline in Health Informatics(More)
PURPOSE The interest in cross-organizational Health Information Exchange (HIE) is increasing at regional, national and cross-European levels. The purpose of our study was to compare user experiences (usability) of different regional health information exchange system (RHIE) types as well as the factors related to the experienced level of success of(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this paper is to explore approaches to understanding the usability of health information systems at regional and national levels. METHODS Several different methods are discussed in case studies from Denmark, Finland and Canada. They range from small scale qualitative studies involving usability testing of systems to larger(More)
This workshop proposal "How to involve users in government systems procurement" aims at gathering together researchers and practitioners who study and participate in information system procurement and development. These include systems for public services in several sectors including health and social care, education, public library, public transportation,(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the feasibility of the national nursing model and usability of four widely used nursing documentation systems and to study their usefulness in multi-professional collaboration and information exchange. METHODS Qualitative usability study methods were used, including the use of scenario walkthroughs, contextual inquiries, thematic(More)
Speech recognition (SR) speeds patient care processes by reducing report turnaround times. However, concerns have emerged about prolonged training and an added secretarial burden for radiologists. We assessed how much proofing radiologists who have years of experience with SR and radiologists new to SR must perform, and estimated how quickly the new users(More)
This paper describes the development of a questionnaire for evaluating usability during EHR system procurement (DPUQ). Established usability questionnaires can be used to gather user feedback after using the systems. However, during procurement, experimenting with real system use is practical only with a limited number of system candidates. There is a need(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this paper are to review and discuss the methods that are being used internationally to report on, mitigate, and eliminate technology-induced errors. METHODS The IMIA Working Group for Health Informatics for Patient Safety worked together to review and synthesize some of the main methods and approaches associated with(More)