Johanna Haider

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The impairment of water quality by faecal pollution is a global public health concern. Microbial source tracking methods help to identify faecal sources but the few recent quantitative microbial source tracking applications disregarded catchment hydrology and pollution dynamics. This quantitative microbial source tracking study, conducted in a large karstic(More)
Cyclodextrin cups have been employed to build supramolecular systems consisting of metal and organic photoactive/redox-active components; the photoinduced communication between redox-active units assembled in water via noncovalent interactions is established. The functionalization of a beta-cyclodextrin with a terpyridine unit, ttp-beta-CD, is achieved by(More)
The introduction of photoactive metal centres onto cyclodextrin receptors opens up new possibilities for the design of sensors, wires and energy conversion systems. This tutorial review focuses on strategies involving such metallocyclodextrins for the construction of supramolecular arrays with light-activated functions. The assembly procedures for building(More)
Due to the vast amount of data that needs to be processed in the field of intelligence analysis, visual analytic systems should be optimised with regard to sensemaking and reasoning. The main problem is that it is not clear how knowledge is derived from information systems. We outline the benefits of empirically derived design guidelines and present newly(More)
The design of traffic management systems is challenging because of the large amount of dynamic data which has to be analysed by operators. Systems have to be designed appropriately to enable operators to react efficiently and quickly. The following paper gives an overview of guidelines derived from empirical research in cognitive psychology and HCI. These(More)
Intelligence analysts are at the forefront to provide decision makers with a greater picture of current situational context. Their main task is to identify relevant pieces of information from disparate systems and growing amounts of data while often lacking the appropriate tools. We propose a visual analytics approach to support analysts in monitoring and(More)
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