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OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of clomifene citrate plus metformin and clomifene citrate plus placebo in women with newly diagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome. DESIGN Randomised clinical trial. SETTING Multicentre trial in 20 Dutch hospitals. PARTICIPANTS 228 women with polycystic ovary syndrome. INTERVENTIONS Clomifene citrate plus metformin(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify additional factors, such as maternal age or factors related to previous reproductive outcome or family history, and the corresponding probability of carrying a chromosome abnormality in couples with two or more miscarriages. DESIGN Nested case-control study. SETTING Six centres for clinical genetics in the Netherlands. (More)
BACKGROUND Human preimplantation embryos generated through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatments show a variable rate of numerical chromosome abnormalities or aneuploidies. Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) has been designed to screen for aneuploidies in high risk patients, with the aim of improving live(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent cohort studies have identified the use of large tidal volumes as a major risk factor for development of lung injury in mechanically ventilated patients without acute lung injury (ALI). We compared the effect of conventional with lower tidal volumes on pulmonary inflammation and development of lung injury in critically ill patients(More)
To report short-term and long-term mortality of very elderly ICU patients and to determine independent risk factors for short-term and long-term mortality Retrospective cohort study in the medical/surgical ICU of a tertiary university teaching hospital. 578 consecutive ICU patients aged 80 years or older. Demographic, physiological, and laboratory values(More)
BACKGROUND S100B protein and Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE) can increase due to brain cell damage and/or increased permeability of the blood-brain-barrier. Elevation of these proteins has been shown after various neurological diseases with cognitive dysfunction. Delirium is characterized by temporal cognitive deficits and is an important risk factor for(More)
To evaluate whether cystatin C in serum (sCyC) and urine (uCyC) can predict early acute kidney injury (AKI) in a mixed heterogeneous intensive care unit (ICU), and also whether these biomarkers can predict the need for renal replacement therapy (RRT). Multicenter prospective observational cohort study in patients ≥18 years old and with expected ICU stay ≥72(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) have additional comorbid conditions. Differences in the presence and severity of these comorbid conditions can bias comparisons between treatment groups. Adjustment for prognostic factors can statistically counterbalance these differences. For this purpose, appropriate weighting of comorbid(More)
To determine the impact of elimination of daily routine chest radiographs (CXRs) in a mixed medical–surgical intensive care unit (ICU) on utility of on demand CXRs, length of stay (LOS) in ICU, readmission rate, and mortality rate. Prospective, nonrandomized, controlled study in a 28-bed ICU. Analysis included data of all admitted ICU patients during 5(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare reproductive outcomes in couples carrying a structural chromosome abnormality and non-carrier couples referred for chromosome analysis after two or more miscarriages. DESIGN Index [corrected]-control study. SETTING Six centres for clinical genetics in the Netherlands. PARTICIPANTS 278 carrier couples and 427 non-carrier couples(More)