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Evaluation of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Petit Havana SR1) hairy roots for the production of geraniol, the first committed step in terpenoid indole alkaloid pathway.
The terpenoid indole alkaloids are one of the major classes of plant-derived natural products and are well known for their many applications in the pharmaceutical, fragrance and cosmetics industries.Expand
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Hybrid Sindbis/Epstein-Barr virus episomal expression vector for inducible production of proteins.
Alphavirus vectors are attractive as recombinant protein expression systems due to the high level of gene expression achieved. The combination of two mutations in the viral replicase, which renderExpand
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Prozessentwicklung und -übertragung vom 50-ml- auf den 10-l-Maßstab
Engineered plant cells can be used in order to produce antibodies. Suitable methods for process development and scale-up allow fast production of pre-clinical antibody samples in single-useExpand
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Clathration of aromatic compounds by coordination complexes of the type dithiocyanato tetrakis (α-arylalkylamine) nickel(II). IV. Thermodynamics of the clathration of o-xylene, p-xylene and
La clathration des composes aromatiques par les complexes dithio cyanatotetrakis(α-phenylbutylamine) nickel(II) est un processus reversible qui peut etre considere comme une reaction chimique. LesExpand